Saturday, November 27, 2010


This is baby Jane...
she is beautiful.
Our newest addition...
poor girl, we all swarm her...
We are so thankful for little Jane.
This is my niece Jillian with my son Bret.
She is a missionary to Africa...
we are all so happy
to have her home for Thanksgiving
and Christmas this year.
She is planning her wedding while here
and will be back in March to be married.
We will be having 3 family weddings about 8 weeks
apart. We are thankful for new beginnings.
This is a little piece of furniture
that I have decided to
keep for myself.
I am so grateful to be
following my dream and starting
this new business
of bringing furniture back to life.

If you are following along,
I am thankful for you too!

Thanksgiving Blessings~
Leigh Ann
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  1. I LOVE YOUR BLOG!!! All your items are fabulous, and I wish you luck in the new business! I live in Arizona and am new to blogging but I am following you now, thanks for sharing! Marla

  2. Hi Leigh Ann,

    I just found your blog via Craigslist here in our local area. Not to mention any names :}. Your blog is wonderful. I am a follower now! I loved your blanket chest when I saw it on Remodelaholic. I have followed that blog for a long time. What a small world we live in.

    I hope that I will be able to get away to see your furniture and attend the sale. If you decide to part with the little black dresser you kept for yourself, send it my way. Your work is all beautiful and you are doing a wonderful job! Blessings to you as you undertake this new season of your life.


  3. Hello Shelley,
    Yes, it is a small world. Make sure you introduce yourself if you make it to the sale.
    I know, I love the black dresser and debated about taking it to the sale...but I decided I it is perfect by my front door. I am working on some great black pieces to take to the sale this week! Thanks so much for stopping by, for the well wishes and kind comments!
    Leigh Ann