Friday, December 31, 2010

Lowesville Cafe...

This past week I had the opportunity to work on some art
for friends of our son and DIL, who are
opening a cafe. What an awesome time I had.
I started with some inspiration from
Donna at Funky Junk Interiors.
I showed the owners Donna's stair make over
and they thought it was great.
So the plan was to paint right on the
wood paneling, like Donna did right on her stairs.
We were going for the look of old signage painted
on the side of barns that becomes worn and weathered.
Here is a picture of our son Seth
and his good friends, Debbie and Mike.
I started with their Logo...

then moved on to this Coffee sign.

Here it is after I distressed and glazed it. I had the help of a projector
for placement,
kinda like paint by number...

Then I would shut the projector off to do
shading and finish work.
We changed the colors
to ones that Debbie liked the best.

After a painting was done and dry, it was time to break
out the sander. Makes distressing an easy job!

It really only takes me a couple of minutes
to age and distress with this method.

Debbie chose all the signs
and placement
and then I did my thing.
I had a blast!

So if you find yourself north of Charlotte, NC
in a few weeks
be sure to stop by the small town of
Lowesville and head over to the cafe for....


maybe an ice cold beverage or...

a tall glass of good old Sweet Tea.

Even better come on over for Lunch.
I hear their hot dogs and burgers are the
best in town!

Make sure to tell them I sent you!
Blessings to you, Debbie and Mike,
we enjoyed our time with you.

Leigh Ann

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lowesville Cafe....

I am in NC for a visit with both our sons
and our Daughter-in-law.
We had a very blessed Christmas and are
looking forward to the New Year.
Our oldest son and his wife have some close
friends that have recently
bought a cafe. The kids have been helping get the
place cleaned up and ready to re-open
in a couple of weeks. I have the privilege of
doing some artwork for them.
They want the art work to look old and weathered
like it has been painted on the side of a barn.
Unfortunately, I'm having PC issues so
I only have one picture to share tonight.
This is a Pepsi sign that I was working on today.

Tomorrow I will distress and glaze it to
make it look worn and weathered.
I have been having so much fun the
last 2 days. This is actually the 4th painting
I have done. Hopefully my PC will be back in business
and I'll be able to post the other photo's tomorrow.
Praying I didn't lose all the photo's just
after uploading them earlier.
Leigh Ann

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Marriage of the Mismatched Finishes...

Hello all...I found this beautiful buffet and thought....maybe just maybe I could pair it with
this mirrored back pine hutch...
so a little celery paint later...
yes, even over the mirrored back.

I think they were meant for each other....

Add some distressing and chocolaty glaze...
move them into their new home.

Slap a big ol' flat screen TV on the hutch...
stand back and admire what a handsome
couple they truly are.
Yes, a match made in heaven
(or my garage).
I think they will be very happy
in the years to come.
They are already enjoying their
first Christmas together.

Seriously though, hubby has wanted a
flat screen for a long time.
I was fighting him though, because
they just seem a bit to contemporary
for my taste. So, I decided if I could find the right piece
of furniture for it I would consider it.
I think I found it!
It's also great to keep all of the DVD's
Wii games and such stored and organized.
We are all happy now,
except when I want to watch HGTV and
he wants to watch football.
It's our new favorite hang out!
Merry Christmas
to our family and us!
Leigh Ann
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