Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lowesville Cafe....

I am in NC for a visit with both our sons
and our Daughter-in-law.
We had a very blessed Christmas and are
looking forward to the New Year.
Our oldest son and his wife have some close
friends that have recently
bought a cafe. The kids have been helping get the
place cleaned up and ready to re-open
in a couple of weeks. I have the privilege of
doing some artwork for them.
They want the art work to look old and weathered
like it has been painted on the side of a barn.
Unfortunately, I'm having PC issues so
I only have one picture to share tonight.
This is a Pepsi sign that I was working on today.

Tomorrow I will distress and glaze it to
make it look worn and weathered.
I have been having so much fun the
last 2 days. This is actually the 4th painting
I have done. Hopefully my PC will be back in business
and I'll be able to post the other photo's tomorrow.
Praying I didn't lose all the photo's just
after uploading them earlier.
Leigh Ann

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